Don't Just Go to Church, Be Church!

FF Classroom Happenings


2nd GRADE 

Nine weeks have flown by since the beginning of classes. Our 2nd grade team consists of 7 students this year.

Since September we have reviewed prayers, learned new prayers, talked about how important we are, and how much God loves us, prayed the rosary and studied and dressed up as Saints. WOW!! We've been busy!!

The Students were recently asked, "I would be a Saint because..." We had very interesting thoughts on this subject.  The 2nd grade team is also learning about sins and how to confess their sins, and what acts are a sin. Ask any 2nd grader what chocolate pudding and a bead has to do with sin. I'm sure they will be happy to relate their findings. Please keep us in your prayers as the 2nd grade prepares for first reconciliation.

For Thanksgiving we are treating the emergency crews to homemade cookies. A well-deserved treat for all they do for our community! Our class will also collect undies and socks to donate to Ed-Co Elementary for their emergency cupboard.

Thanks to Jan Tschrigi for setting up our room each week and to Father John for all he does for us and his visits. Please feel free to stop in and say "HI" to our class anytime on Wednesday evening!

Mac Olsem, Catechist and the "Saintly Seven"



What an awesome start to our Faith Formation year! We have almost completed the first Unit in our books and will begin learning more about the Ten Commandments in the weeks to come. We have focused on how God is good and talked about how the Ten Commandments and The Lord’s Prayer have a lot in common. For Halloween, we did a pumpkin craft. The children had a good time showing their art skills as they colored pictures of Saint’s displayed in church for the All Saint’s Day Mass. We will turn our attention to the sacrament of baptism and The Beatitudes in our next chapter. Throughout the year, our class receives individual points for specific take home assignments related to the chapter we are studying and for mass attendance. This adds a little encouragement and fun to our classroom studies.

Melissa Schilling, Catechist


8th Grade

Here are some topics we have discussed in class: Forgiveness, can’t serve 2 masters, faith, what makes insiders/outsiders, St. Francis, prayer, perseverance, and we’ve spent class time getting ready for the Veteran’s Day Mass which included making a poster and writing thank you cards to the veterans who would be attending mass.

In class we use a magazine called Visions which cover these topics. I also use Youtube to find videos that connect to the students. For example, we watched a cartoon video about St. Francis. We also watched the video on Nick Vujicic when discussing perseverance because he was born without legs and arms. I used Garth Brook’s video Standing Outside the Fire to also get the point across that being who God intended us to be requires hard work and not always doing what is popular.

The use of food in class is very popular among 8th graders so I try to find something for them…

“Don’t hold a grudge eat fudge” (fudge was Tootsie Rolls and I used this when talking about forgiveness, Chocolate pudding with oreos and gummy worms was to illustrate “Plant your faith and it will grow!” 

**Each class begins by discussing the past weekend’s readings and how they relate to our lives. I state the discussion point and give examples from my own life. The students are usually quiet and don’t discuss much. Please encourage your child to attend church and be ready to discuss one thing they could talk about or applies to their life.

Angie Pillard, Catechist


10th Grade

This year the Sophomore Class is continuing the Decision Point program from Dynamic Catholic which contains a number of short conversation starters that build faith and promote attendance at Mass.  Each Candidate received a Mass Journal so each week they can log one meaningful passage from Mass.  We have also set up a mock Pastoral Council which allows the students to take an active part in the class activities.  We have also focused on ways for the entire Class to minister to the Community and the Church.  In September the students made a blanket that was donated to Ed-Co’s Volley for a Cure Auction.

Please keep these students in your prayers as they learn prepare for Confirmation by Archbishop Michael on March 19.

 Paul Dolan, Confirmation Catechist